Tableau Vivant: (French) "Living Picture"

Traditionally a group of costumed actors or artist's models, carefully posed and lit to create a static artistic display. During the performance the displayed characters do not speak or move.

At bare:TVR we have reimagined those traditional tableaux vivants with the updated tastes and style of modern 21st century life.

bare:TVR provides unique art, entertainment, and visual spectacle to redefine your events, parties, or upscale gatherings.

We are a lifestyle company, providing an upscale artistic experience that is simply unattainable elsewhere.

Our performances are one of a kind. Our artists, event designers and performers will work with you, our trusted client, to create a vision unlike any other. Our contribution can be as simple as a single tableau vivant to enhance aqnd enliven a party up to a complete and immersive experience in which your event is built around, unmistakable and memorable for you and your guests.  

bare:TVR has featured amazing artistic tableau vivants in numerous events in the Southern Califonria area, and our tableau vivants have been featured on television, film, and print media.


Viva le tableau vivant!





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bare - tableau vivant redux